Keep track of every damage, illness or other problem in your fields, with the easy-to-use realtime alert module. Even if you weren't there.

Easy Capture

Any damage recorded in the twinkling of an eye

The Moosle app offers numerous easy ways to create an alert so that all damage is recorded without impacting the actual work. Employees can therefore always choose whether they want to report a predefined damage at the push of a button, or whether they want to document it more precisely with photos, symbols and a detailed description.


Quickly find any alert

As vineyard manager, you probably know every field inside and out. Yet, your employees are on site more often and have a better insight into the condition of the field. You can bring all information together with the Moosle app.

Thanks to the high-precision GPS maps, not only will you as vineyard manager find all the damage reported by your employees straight away, you can also send any employee to repair it, even if they don't know the area.


More insight through photos and exact GPS locations

To every alert, you can attach any number of photos or take them easily from within our app. Especially in connection with precise GPS positioning, you get a very detailed overview of all damage and diseases in your fields.

The Moosle app also supports you retrospectively, for example by giving you the opportunity to take a closer look at the infestation from three years ago.

Record work requirements

Clever support in inspecting your vineyards

In addition to damages and infestation, every employee can also use the known workflow in the Moosle app to record work requirements. These don't appear as alerts everyone's maps, but are displayed according to urgency to a vineyard manager, so that they can combine the requirements into Tasks.

This feature is particularly useful, if at the time of inspection, it is not yet clear who should do the work with which machine.

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More Features

In addition to the listed features, you can individually expand the range of functions of your app with the following modules. This way you only pay for what you really want to use.

Basic Features

The following functions are already available in the basic version of the Moosle app.

Aufgabenfortschritt auf einer Karte

Plan your work and track the progress of your workers with the Tasks module.


Document your inventory of spraying agents, fertilizer and all other consumables, using our detailed transaction system.


Manage availability, defects, maintenance schedules and all associated machine information at one place with the Moosle Machines module.

... and much more!

Because the Moosle app is being expanded to include new features all the time, we cannot list everything you can expect from it. For this very reason, however, we have come up with several ways in which you can find out everything about the app.

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